Join a positive and supportive community

Join a positive and supportive community

Club MojoCircle is a community of international English-speaking women in France who want to share their experience of living in this wonderful country.

In our community you can easily connect with other women to make friends. You will expand your network and enhance your social life, both locally and throughout France. There is also support to help you love the life you live.

We Understand You

Club MojoCircle will help you:

What is Your Mojo?

Your MOJO is your chi, your life-force energy which gives you a high vibration. It’s your joie de vivre.

Sometimes you can “lose it” and feel disconnected from life and your spirit. Without your Mojo, you will have a low vibration and little energy.

Getting your Mojo back is about  knowing yourself and what turns you on in life – what gets the fire in your belly glowing. Then you just got to do what that is. 

When you have your MOJO humming you will feel truly connected to the real you doing what you love.

What is Club MojoCircle?

Club MojoCircle is a fabulous community with a rich and useful online application developed to support international women in France created by Janeen Sonsie. As an expat (or immigrant really) to France herself, Janeen knows the challenges experienced by women who need to feel they belong in a community where they will be supported.

She created this community online application for women to:

  • expand their social circles and social life

  • meetup in person and online

  • get answers to questions

  • be uplifted, inspired and motivated when they need it

  • grow personally and in business

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