About Us

Club MojoCircle is a paid membership club for international women living in or wanting to live in France.

Although living in France is the romantic and exciting fairytale dreams and movies are made of, residing in a foreign country can be a daunting experience. Many women feel lonely and isolated sometimes and desire to have a sense of belonging.

Club MojoCircle provides a safe, positive and supportive environment where women can feel free to be themselves and engage with many others in similar circumstances. 

A Community that Delivers

Added Value for Business in France

Starting and growing a business in France is an exciting opportunity to reinvent yourself while doing what you love. However, navigating this entrepreneurial path can be an overwhelming exercise on your own. With a business membership, you benefit from privileged access to the collective experience of hundreds of women in the same boat. 

As a MojoBiz member you can:

About Janeen

Janeen Sonsie lives for adventure and thrives on change. She’s an explorer at heart, which has driven her career as an international speaker and intuitive transformational coach.

Janeen devoted decades to corporate life in sales and marketing, but everything changed in 2017 when a psychic urged her to live her most fulfilling life. Life in Melbourne had been stressful, so she chose a new path.

Living her dream life in France, the entrepreneurial Australian with minimal French language skills, built a new life on the Côte d’Azur, turning frustration and loneliness into an inspirational story of adventure and achievement. She founded Club MojoCircle for like-minded ladies seeking community, connection and growth. Now she’s inspiring women to connect and get their mojo humming.