“I’ve enjoyed meeting such a variety of interesting women, and in my immediate area.” 

Carole Richmond, Vence

“You immediately feel embraced by a circle of women, a sisterhood organized by fabulous Janeen. Highly recommend you join.”

Lilian Baksalevowicz, Cannes

“I have recently joined Janeen’s expat group of women and attended my first meet and greet. A warm/welcoming atmosphere is fostered. Janeen facilitates everyone being valued and welcomed. Janeen’s vision of a group to support and empower women is fabulous.” 

Faith Dugan, Nice

“I am so glad to be a part of this expanding community of expat women living in France. I’m grateful for the friendships I’ve made through this group, and for new connections, opportunities, and events I have to look forward to in the future. Happy to be a part of an inspiring, encouraging community.”

Kaitlin Kraemer Pickett, Nice

“I am so happy to have joined the group created by Janeen recently and I am looking forward to participating in future meetings to meet again all the wonderful women I met last time and to know and discover more about them. I love what Janeen has created! It is such a great and useful initiative! Thank you!”

Celine Sway, Nice

“This group, compared to all the others I’m part of, feels cheerful, inclusive, caring and celebratory. I enjoy being here and Janeen generates all this goodness because of who she is.  She is a go-getter, friendly, clear and the event I went to was a lot of fun and super helpful for connecting. I can highly recommend her and her community! I’m grateful!”

Rebekah West, Cabris

“I had the good fortune to meet the wonderful Janeen Sonsie through her Facebook group Expat Women in France. Her friendly and engaging manner with everyone in the group is so refreshing and makes us all feel immediately welcome. Her group presentations are full of great information, which is motivating and uplifting, especially during our current  crisis. I am delighted to call her a friend and excited to be part of Club MojoCircle.”

Roniece Dawson, Paris