Join a positive and supportive community

Join a positive and supportive community

Club MojoCircle is a community of international English-speaking women in France who want to share their experience of living in this wonderful country.

In our community you can easily connect with other women to make friends. You will expand your network and enhance your social life, both locally and throughout France. There is also support to help you love the life you live.

Is living in France the romantic and exciting fairy tale of your dreams?

As reality sets in ...

When you move to a new country, especially one where you don’t speak the local language fluently, it is quite common to feel isolated, disconnected and lonely … even when that country is as beautiful as France. 

It isn’t easy to make new friends … especially friendships like our lifetime besties, who we miss. Add to that the transience of the international world with friends constantly coming and going, and you can find it very challenging settle into your new French life.

Do you still sometimes find yourself feeling a bit lost? In a void? Seeking more depth and fulfilment in relationships? Even if you’ve been here for a long time?

Or is it more of an elusive mirage?

We Understand You

Club MojoCircle will help you:

What is Your Mojo?

Your MOJO is your chi, your life-force energy, your joie de vivre.

When you’ve got your Mojo, you feel like you are walking on air and that life is going beautifully. It is a high-vibration energy feeling from contentment all the way to ecstasy on the fabulous days.

Sometimes you can “lose it” and feel disconnected from life and your spirit. Without your Mojo, you have a low vibration with little energy and just feel down.

When your Mojo is humming you feel truly connected to your true self, doing what you love.

What is MojoCircle?

MojoCircle represents a circle of women building each other up to live their highest vibrational Mojo of love, happiness and fulfilment. It is so important for us, especially as women, to feel we belong in a community of like-minded people.

Club MojoCircle is that circle of women who support each other to live our lives to the fullest. It is an online community that:

  • uplifts, inspires and motivates

  • connects us in social circles

  • helps us grow personally and in business

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