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My goal is to bring out the best in each audience member by building their confidence and inspiring them to take steps to make their life more fulfilling. I’ll make it both fun and insightful through stories and relatable models that bring the aha’s as well as laughs along the journey.

Transform your life and relationships with one-on-one coaching

I mentor and coach women who feel frustrated by their current life situation and want more out of life. Whether you are seeking just some improvement or want to change the whoe rigmarole, we can do it together. I will help you to achieve clarity, amplify your motivation, transform yourself and your life and get your mojo humming again.

How can I help you?

Janeen as the Author, Speaker and Facilitator

My passion for communication and love of the relationship aspect led me to write a book “Get the B.A.L.L.S. to Get Real – 5 Authentic Strategies to be a Great Communicator” (on Amazon) and work as a coach focusing on improving business and personal relationships.

I run coaching programs, playshops (my workshops) and speak at conferences on the following topics:

  • Escape that Comfort Zone Prison and Live: How to move out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone
  • Live Passionately and Purposefully: Identifying your passions and purpose to get your mojo back
  • Communicate, Relate, Engage and Connect: How to communicate to relate and create real engagement

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What people like about Janeen

Natasha Lefevre, Artist

Janeen Sonsie speaks from experience, humor and depth. I was laughing, I was crying. This woman truly is an amazing speaker. She shares real life tactics on relationships, sharing how you feel about situations, being true to you.

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Lorna Blake, International Life Coach and Speaker

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a seminar where Janeen was a speaker and she was amazing! Janeen has a bright and engaging personality, a great sense of humour and is very authentic! I was engaged by her on-stage charisma and off-stage she was very real and down-to-earth. A truly awesome individual and a…

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Tanya Obradovic

I’ve had the pleasure of attending one of Janeen’s workshops & WOW! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Janeen is a wonderful facilitator and speaker, who really knows how to capture her audience! I found this workshop made me more aware of how we need to take responsibility in regards to how we communicate with others and…

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Julie Monteith – CEO Importing Company

Working with Janeen as an executive coach, I was able to step fully into my empowered self as a CEO and build up the positive relationships and structure I needed with my team. Janeen helped me identify the changes I needed to make within myself and my team to achieve my objectives. She also supported…

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Maria Therase Cucinotta – Feminine Coach and Healer

Janeen has coached me off and on for several years now. She has provided great support for me as I have been transitioning through divorce to create a new life and business for myself. It has been good to know she is there when I am feeling challenged by what is happening in my life.…

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Denise Clark, Medical Research Manager

I have been receiving coaching from Janeen Sonsie for approximately two years. When we started, I felt as though my life wasn’t going anywhere and I was not sure what I needed to do. My 2 children were grown up and leaving home and I found myself wondering what was next for me. Janeen helped…

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Linda Brennan, University Professor

Janeen Sonsie is an excellent coach and I worked with her for a couple of years. At the time I was very stressed and under a lot of pressure and wasn’t handling it well at all. It was affecting my mental and physical health. Coaching with Janeen enabled me to get my life and work…

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MojoCircle is open to partnering with organizations that can provide a service to our business or to our members. We welcome sponsorship offerings from companies with female target markets who offer products that will benefit our members. In exchange we will promote your offerings and company to our customer base of expat women in France. If you want to send us an offer or discuss it further with Janeen, please contact her.